January 25, 2011 by: Heimsath Architects Staff


A short promotional film can go a long way towards getting people interested, and invested, in your project.  This film was culled from a much longer fundraising film Emmaus Catholic Parish commissioned Heimsath Architects to create during their capital campaign.  Here are a few simple tips that can help guide the process of making a successful promotional video.

1.  Show the project!  In this case it was the new Parish Life Center.  The focus of this video is clearly the new building.  The use of music cues and transitions guide your attention towards the project images.

2.  Let the clients speak for themselves.  The film needs to be personal, and have personality.  Showing off the building wouldn’t go very far without Father Samuel speaking from the heart about his parish.  Additionally, a dry voiceover wouldn’t get you much further.  Let those that have the most passion for the project speak honestly about it.

3.  Keep it pithy:  Nowadays, people have clicked your video closed within a minute of it starting if they haven’t gotten to the meat of it.  This church promotional video is in that golden zone hovering around two minutes.  Any longer and your viewer will be clicking the back button, any shorter and you can’t get your point across.

The promotional material Heimsath Architects created for Emmaus Catholic Parish helped their campaign in raising several million dollars towards bettering their facilities.  Because of this they will be able to enjoy growing numbers, and growing contributions, for years to come.

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