September 30, 2011 by: Heimsath Architects Staff

We went to my parents house for dinner and a swim. While the kids were in the pool (Grandma and Karen were watching them), I went down looked at the new fence my Dad is having built (he would have made a good architect) and thought I would share it. 

Stone Wall and Fence

As you may know, code requires a fence around a pool to keep random people (especially young kids) from getting to the pool and accidentally falling in the water (The fence is also good for keeping the ravenous deer away from the landscaping). A storm had knocked over a large pecan tree which in turn destroyed the typical vertical bar wrought iron fence that had previously protected the pool. When the fence was gone, we noticed how much more open the yard felt. To maintain this effect and still meet code, the stone base of the fence was built further down the hill thus making for a taller stone wall that is capable of keeping uninvited people and animals out.  Moving the wall out also allowed the planting beds on top to be expanded and gives more space between the raised pool area and the fence. The stone wall was capped by a gracious cruving wrought iron fence that creates some enclosure without reducing the view. 

Curved Wrought Iron Fence

 I think the new fence is a great addition to the house!

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