July 20, 2011 by: Eric Mac Inerney

We often run into the problem of how to place the fireplace and the TV in a family room or living room so that you can arrange the furniture to focus on both properly (This is even more complicated if there is a view). Judging by many of the houses we walk through--lots of people are working through this issue.  One solution is to pick either the hearth or the TV to focus on and let the other work in as best as possible.  If your room is big enough to have two sets of furniture, it may be possible to have two areas of focus.  Another solution is to put the two elements side by side either horizontally or vertically.  But given that the fireplace is usually fairly wide and the TV is traditionally in some sort of cabinet, it is often difficult get get side by side horizontally to work just right.  Now that flat screen TVs have flooded the market, a fairly common solution,  is to have the TV over the fireplace.

The TV over the fireplace solution works really well in terms of focus and it is not difficult to design the hearth and chimney elements to work with a flat screen (not matter what your design style is).  However, one major problem still exists.  If you have a fireplace, raised hearth, mantel, and adequate space between them, the TV mount gets to be pretty high off the floor.  This is especially an issue if you have couches close to the TV as the viewing angle gets hard on the neck.  We have found a solution that may work for you.  I have just had a Down and Out TV mount (by Dynamic Mounting) installed which allows the TV to be lowered for couch viewing.  Here are some pictures and a short video of the install!

Down and Out Mount by Dynamic Mounting




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