July 24, 2011 by: Ben Heimsath

The Spirit of Fayetteville Tx, Clovis & Maryann HeimsathIn addition to his remarkable watercolor presentations, Clovis Heimsath, our senior designer, is an accomplished painter.  His collection, "The Spirit of Fayetteville," is on display at Cappy's Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas through September 8.

The Spirit of Fayetteville, Cappy's Dining RoomThe opening reception this past Saturday was attended by may friends and Fayetteville neighbors.  Cappy's has been displaying artwork from prominent artists in Central Texas since the restaurant opened in the 1970's.

The two-dozen oil paintings were produced over several decades.  Clovis documents the people and places connected with the historic town.  The day-to-day activities, festivals, and landscapes continue to inspire Clovis' work.  He began painting in the area in the 1960's shortly after he and Maryann Heimsath first visited Fayetteville while researching their book, "Pioneer Texas Buildings."Cowboys - The Spirit of Fayetteville At Cappy's

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