September 25, 2011 by: Ben Heimsath

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Simultaneous Use is what makes a town or city great.  As a senior designer, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Clovis Heimsath has been concerned with these issues for many years.  He believes there is a new appreciation for the human scale in our communities.  The architecture and planning professions have begun to place a higher premium on healthy interactions of people over the convenience of cars and infrastructure.

A previous generation of American architects and planners promoted huge public investments in what became unlivable communities.  Learning from past disasters, there's a growing appreciation for livable communities - both new and old. 

This month's Texas Architect Magazine features a commentary by Clovis Heimsath.  Unless you are a member, you won't be able to access it from their on-line edition.  However, we've obtained permission from the editor to make this available to our readers. 

Clovis' Commentary is in this month's Texas Architect.

Clovis' commentary

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