November 26, 2012 by: Heimsath Architects Staff

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If you are thinking about remodeling or building a home, you ought to give a try.  It is a repository of 800,000+ pictures that various people have uploaded to the site.  With this you can browse and find spaces you like and create idea books that you can share.  One of our recent clients used this a lot both to help her understand what she wanted and to communicate this infromation to us.  One of the interesting things, is that the pictures she was choosing did not completely jive with some of the initial discussions we were having—especially about color.  By reviewing the overall content of all the pictures that she liked, we were able to quickly come to a color and design scheme.


Another interesting aspect of this site is the discussions.  Whereas most discussion are asking simple but useful questions like 'who made that light fixture' or what 'color is that on the walls', some of the questions are more in depth and you can get some good design conversations to occur.  For example, there was a discussion about how to deal with a front door to which a responder posted a picture of the front door at Purple Heron.  I was notified and was then able to discuss what we did and who made our door.


The numbers and variety of pictures makes this site incredibly useful, but the ideabooks and the ability to ask questions and have discussions separate it from just your average image search.

Here is the link to the Purple Heron House, you can see the questions that have been asked.

Check it out, there is lots of good information to be found!


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