A Visit with Clovis Heimsath, FAIA

November 8, 2021 by: Ben Heimsath

Clovis Heimsath, founder of Heimsath Architects, passed away recently just before his 91st birthday. We have been remembering Clovis, his energy, his curiosity, and his delight in sharing his opinionated ideas with others. Our colleague, Mickey Peavler of ATX Architects captured some of this in a podcast he recorded with Clovis in 2011. We are pleased to share this special recording. For those ... Read More

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Architecture And Covid-19

Heimsath Architect’s team members are now in week 4 of self-isolation. Like many of you, our communications with the outside are mostly through the various conferences call applications (Go to Meeting, Zoom, Skype). It has been working well, though I find that looking all the faces in boxes invariably gets the Brady Bunch theme song stuck in my head. For the past 20 years, we have done our ... Read More

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