February 06, 2017 by: Ben Heimsath

AMEN Food Pantry tour.jpg

Volunteers and Board Members of the AMEN Food Pantry in LaGrange, Texas participated in an evaluation and tour of their future new home. The February 1st tour was part of a visioning process to develop a program to renovate the new building to accommodate the non-profit’s growing activities. The City of LaGrange has entered into a long-term lease with the AMEN Food Pantry to provide expanded space within a surplus building. Heimsath Architects is donating its services to complete the visioning process.

 The food pantry is an agency founded by local churches to provide supplemental assistance to Fayette County residents in need. The program began in 1992 with a modest program that has grown to serve over 200 families each month. Services include distribution of food and food vouchers to families at the current facility in LaGrange and through the mobile pantry. The program also has begun a series of cooking demonstrations with a focus on healthy meals. The new location will provide a great new space for the current operation and will also provide for future expansion.  

Adaptive Re-use