July 23, 2014 by: Ben Heimsath

Neighbors and property owners came to hear a presentation from the Public Interest Design studio at UT Architecture School.  Professor Coleman Coker provided his students with suggestions from the neighbors regarding traffic, storm water, and pedestrian connections.

Neighborhood Planning

The resulting recommendations were both comprehensive and innovative.  The plan calls for the length of EM Franklin, from Manor Road to MLK be converted into a green street.  A series of collection points will channel rainwater runoff into rain garden basins for detention and natural filtration.  The width of the roadway will be significantly narrowed, as is appropriate for a neighborhood street.  This will reduce the speed on the street, and may discourage the current volume of cut-through traffic. 

Other details included the placement of public art, a new walking path, and a community pavilion at the northern end of the street.  The plan was enthusiastically received.  Neighbors will be working with various City of Austin departments for ways to implement the comprehensive strategy.