June 16, 2020 by: Ben Heimsath

Interfaith Action of Central Texas (I-Act) has been sending out a Daily Dose of Hope message in response to the Covid quarrantine.   Ben Heimsath contributed his reflections in today's post.  Ben describes how he's found a new way of travel sketching, in spite of our social isolation. Here's a link to Ben's Daily Dose of Hope.

Traveling virtually Ben explains how he's used Google Maps and Google Earth, spending a week or more sketching landmarks or interesting places getting to know a new city each week.  The process is one of meditative discovery and has given Ben new insights, expanding his interest in exploring cities and in sketching.

Sultan Mosque Singapore Sketch Virtual Heimsath Architects Austin

Ben has also blogged about a surprise discovery of a World Peace Bell visiting Christchurch New Zealand.  See Ben's blogpost here.