September 04, 2019 by: Ben Heimsath

Congregation members gathered for a Town Hall meeting after services on Sunday, August 25 to review the recently completed Master Plan. After a light lunch, Pastor Waters welcomed everyone and began the session with prayer. Council President, Scott Kramer, reviewed the process of developing the master plan and shared some of the ministry goals behind the effort, including the consolidation of most ministry activities on the main campus along the east side of Turner Street.

St John Lutheran Master Plan Scott Kramer presenting

Scott Kramer provides an overview of the master planning process.

Ben Heimsath noted the close relationship between St. John Lutheran and Heimsath Architects over the past two decades. He reminded the congregation that this is the third time a comprehensive master plan vision has been developed and showed the Sanctuary and other successful building programs that resulted. Ben shared greetings from Eric MacInerney who led those efforts but was unable to attend.

The presentation consisted of diagrammatic plans showing the overall vision and a recommended Phase One program. The overall vision includes the addition of a new Recreation Center and kitchen and the expansion of the existing Family Life Center. With some reworking of the existing Narthex, circulation will be improved and an outside courtyard will be enclosed to provide for informal gathering. An expansion of the existing Education Wing will create up to 8 new classrooms or meeting spaces and will allow for a two-story meeting area focused on youth activities.

Full Master Plan Site

On the west side of Turner Street, the historic Chapel will be restored and expanded on the interior by creating a matching transept space out of a portion of the existing classroom. Shepherd House will be restored as well and will provide support space related to the adjacent Chapel. Several outdoor spaces will provide a prayer garden and gathering plaza for a range of activities.

After taking questions, Scott thanked Ben and Eric and noted that the development of a Phase One program was under discussion and would be coming back to the congregation for approval in the months to come.  The church has posted information about the Master Plan on its website along with a letter from Pastor Waters. 

St. John Lutheran Master Plan

Watercolor of Recreation Center


Master Planning/ Church Architecture