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Located adjacent to Travis Heights, the 3 1/2 acre Sage Creek Neighborhood offers a pioneering example of the Smart Growth initiative. Based on the Smart Growth model, 16 sites are available off a loop road that allows houses to back up to the creek. The Arts and Crafts designed homes, all with front porches, continue the tradition of Travis Heights bungalows.

Energy and environmental issues are addressed by narrowing the street widths from the standard subdivision width of 30’ to 26’, allowing for neighborhood sidewalks within the land-use coverage requirements, utilizing the creek bed as part of the on site water retention system, and minimizing front yards for water conservation.

Without Smart Growth, it would have been impossible to build with sufficient density to make single family residential feasible in a site layout that saved the creek bed. Since Sage Creek was one of the first Smart Growth projects to be reviewed by the City of Austin, each variance request needed to be processed and approved by the requisite department. The architect and builder were asked often to illustrate the value of the variance and how it conformed to the Smart Growth ordinance.  The process took two years to gain approvals. .

All Sage Creek homes are built as 3 Star homes for energy conservation.  Construction features include: the use of a concrete fiber exterior siding, which reuses recycling material, 2x6 stud construction with blown in cellulose insulation for a solid fill, cooling systems with a 3.0 SEER rating, windows with vinyl finish and low E glass, duct plaster testing for less than 10% leakage, and appliances with Energy Star ratings.

The Sage Creek Neighborhood has been accepted by young families, pleased to add the quiet streets of their homes to the streets of surrounding Travis Heights.