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The Municipal Utilitiy District’s heavy use of its existing Community Center prompted the need for upgrades and renovations. The main meeting room had serious acoustical problems and there was a strong desire to fix the problem by installing permanent absorptive materials. The kitchen area was outdated and wasn't well suited for multiple users.  Additional noise problems were caused by an aging fire sprinkler system.

Renovations included new doors, flooring, finishes, and lighting.  A new retractable screen and electrical outlets made the space more functional for board meetings and for formal presentations. The architects researched issues with the sprinkler and determined that the system was not a code requirement. After close consultation local officials and with board members, the Fire Marshall approved the removal of the failing system.

The District drew upon Heimsath Architects' extensive expertise in church kitchen design.  Renovations made the kitchen space more useful for a range of activities while costly commercial equipment requirements were avoided.