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Though the program called for a simple two-classroom addition, Heimsath Architects embraced the challenge of designing for the 21st Century, breaking out of the traditional model. The design incorporates five key elements:

  1. Flexible layout
  2. Portable furniture
  3. Natural lighting
  4. Integrated technology
  5. Connection between indoor and outdoor learning

The two multi-use classrooms are divided by an acoustic operable partition which, when opened, can accommodate large group activities. North high windows with translucent glazing provide diffused natural light, while the south storefront windows connect the indoor and outdoor views, enhancing the student's place-based learning experiences.

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The high overhanging roof covers space reserved for outdoor learning. Large stone blocks invite informal seating while arranged for a teacher to guide instruction as an outdoor classroom.  For maximum flexibility, the covered outdoor learning space can potentially be enclosed for classrooms if needed in the future.