Religious  Sacred Landscapes

Kagan-Rudy Chapel is a Jewish funeral pavilion for Congregation Emanuel in Houston, Texas. The architects were commissioned to design a structure at the center of an established cemetery.  The space accommodates large gatherings for the High Holy Days, and yet is also is an intimate space for individual prayer and contemplation.  Landscape berms against the edges of the structure create the effect of entering a special place hewn out of the earth.

Prominent features include an intricately patterned ceramic tile floor, copper dome, cast concrete column capitals and cast bronze emblems depicting the original twelve tribes.  Stained-glass windows depicting the Star of David project a range of colors against the concrete interior dome. The hexagonal design and its dome were heralded by reviewers as a beautiful expression of the unity of the Jewish community.  The Kagan-Rudy Chapel received a national design award.  Jurors commented the building was a "poetic use of concrete."