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The first phase of implementing the Master Plan was an extensive chapel renovation and expansion. At the time, the building was the only large meeting room on the campus so it was used for most gathering and worship activities. In addition to wear and tear, the wood structure was suffering from extensive dry rot and termite infestation.

The renovation program removed untreated log siding and replaced it with cementitious materials. The rough lumber framing was in good shape, so it remained exposed on the interior. The room was expanded on both sides with shed additions. A new addition along the back provided badly needed storage and rooms for small breakout meetings or for the sacrament of reconciliation. New porches open to a wide and welcome entry plaza where groups of people can meet and linger.  

To continue the flexible uses, chapel chairs were selected for the seating. The architects worked with a local craftsman to craft an altar and ambo that could also be moveable. A new prayer room was created in the space under the steeple,. The architects designed a stained glass window to fit in the old door opening and a pedestal was built to accommodate a historic tabernacle provided by the Diocese.

With the new additions, the Chapel was expanded to double its seating capacity. With all the changes, however, the profile and proportions of the old chapel and steeple were maintained.