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As the Spiritual Renewal Center had experienced increased usage Heimsath Architects was commissioned to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for the 300 acre site and existing log-framed wood buildings.

One of the first priorities of the Master Plan was the placement of a new meeting and dining space to accommodate a variety of retreat groups.  The design had to be sensitive to the intimate feel of the existing Center.  By creating a form expressing the individual meeting and gathering spaces, the large building was able to blend in seamlessly.

The new multi-purpose building consists of two separate spaces: a large meeting hall and a dining hall with a commercial kitchen.  The two rooms are accessed by a sky-lit foyer. With movable partitions, the two halls can be connected to accommodate a full capacity with seating over 500.

Another priority was to plan for the systematic replacement of nearly all the existing structures.  Though the log-framing was only twenty years old, many of the timbers were severely damaged due to termite infestation in the wood.  The new hall introduced a vocabulary of new materials, with cementitious siding painted to complement the original timber logs.