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The process of master planning for this multi-ethnic congregation included the idea of blending traditional forms with modern architecture.  What made these idea unusual was that the existing building, dating from the mid 60's, was designed as a modernist space originally.  The congregation desired more traditional elements for their badly needed new expansion.

The solution is a co-mingling of traditional forms in an overall modernist setting.  The existing roof form was expanded on each side to open up the space around the altar and create a soaring interior.  By raising the ceiling in the nave section, the two interior volumes were connected for proper acoustics and site lines.  A new chapel was added to the back of the existing sanctuary to function for daily mass and for private prayer and adoration.

Though some sections of the existing exterior walls were retained, the new additions were clad with a vibrant color brick, while the existing muted brick tone was used for accent bands.  A free-standing steeple and cross were designed to complete the image of a contemporary place for worship.

On the interior, a glass block wall connects the main assembly and the chapel.  Both spaces share the same tabernacle, indicating the central presence of the Eucharistic sacrament.  A crucifix is rendered in stained glass in order to also allow the same image of Christ to grace both spaces.  Through creative use of LED lighting, the image of the cross is featured in one or the other space by backlighting the composition.