Master Planning

Members of United Lutheran Church of Shiner Texas have been blessed with a remarkably beautiful and well-built facility that has served them for more than sixty years.  Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and long-term vision, the congregation embarked on a master planning program to determine the best way to care for, upgrade and selectively add more square footage to improve and expand key areas for ministry in the current facility.  Working collaboratively with Heimsath Architects, the congregation and its leadership have participated directly in creating an achievable vision for the future.

The overall master plan solution is organized around circulation and gathering, connecting and improving all areas for ministry. A new and much larger fellowship hall will be located in an addition with a large, commercial style kitchen and adequate storage.  A new nursery and meeting room addition will connect to the fellowship hall and the gathering space and is a good location to be used as a bride’s room. The office area will be renovated to create a consolidated and more efficient space.  A new conference and meeting room will be created with an addition to this end of the building. Classrooms will be expanded on two floors with an extension of the current classroom wing. New stairs and an elevator will make the upstairs more useful for all groups and activities. Parking will be added on all sides.

 In the sanctuary the program will preserve the historic structure and in order to provide more space for a sacristy and music room a sympathetic addition will be located at the back of the current sanctuary.  Interior renovations include refinished woodwork, improved lighting and upgraded air-conditioning. All the roofing on the entire building will be replaced and the existing steeple will be repaired or replaced. The history of leaks from the steeple on the sanctuary and the dormers on the administration wing makes these repairs a high priority. 


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