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For this historic building restoration program, the Architect worked with University United Methodist Church on their existing historic building located at the west edge of the University of Texas. The Romanesque Revival style compliments the early buildings of the university. Years had taken their toll and major restoration was necessary. The comprehensive preservation program addressed a range of pressing issues from roofing problems to crumbling stone on the exterior façade

The scope included removing the  clay tile roof entirely and replacing all the flashing with copper and using high-quality underlayment.  The roofers numbered each tile to reinstall them in the same locations as the original.  Exterior masonry was cleaned with non-abrasive solutions and the face of several deteriorated stone blocks were recapped with new materials.  Rotted wood on the exterior trims and windows was repaired and repainted.  Stained glass windows were restored, repaired, and given a new vented protection system on the exterior.

The program also included ADA improvements, including a new street-front gathering area to provide an accessible entry.  Site drainage was corrected and a new paved area with a labyrinth paver pattern was installed. 

The architects recently completed a Phase 2 program.  This consisted of interior renovations for HVAC improvements, restroom upgrades, and a complete rebuilding of the existing commercial kitchen.


You don't need to be an expert to take good care of a historic building.  Download these tips.

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