March 30, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Twice a day, I commute past a small white cross in the median of William Cannon in South Austin. I finally stopped to read the metal plaque. The memorial is dedicated to Shawn Albert Deolloz. A verse is written, dedicated from his family and loved ones that starts with the following: “We brought in a Diamond, God took an Angel”


The family also set up a memorial guest book using the Obituaries service from the Austin American Statesman. Shawn Albert Deolloz died, one assumes at this location, on August 4, 1996. For years after, the family continued to write condolences to Shawn, especially on his birthday. One particularly poignant piece was penned in 2005 by his daughter. This speaks volumes for the reasons why these suddenly sacred markers are so important.

Shawn_Albert_Deolloz_plaque.jpg“Today is the day my Dad turns 30 years old. As I look through old photo albums and video tapes and as I listen to people talk about you, I think about how wonderful it would be if you were here on earth, so we can celebrate today. If you were here I would ask you a million questions. I remember not too long ago I was digging through my room and I found an old jewelry box of yours which had alot of stuff of yours. I found the gold dove necklace which you were going to give me for my second birthday, but you didn’t get a chance too, also I found a ring of yours, I keep it in my room. Dad, It s Not Fair! You didn’t get a chance. As I look at other girls bond with their dads and go to father daughter dances, I cry, even if I get a stepdad it won t be the same. No one can replace you! But, now I know you are at a better place and I know you are my guardian angel. But, I know someday that I ll be there with you in the Heavens above, but until then I will always remember you in my heart.”

Shawn Albert Deolloz Cross is located in the median at 950 W. Wm. Cannon, Austin, Texas.

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