April 25, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

I’ve noted in past blogposts my reactions to seeing mega towers built by church congregations that want to be noticed from a very long distance. We like to do big things in Texas! Driving along I-35 north of San Antonio, I’ve been noticing this distinctive structure and always assumed it had something to do with a church.


Today, I went to check out the place. I didn’t look at Google Maps for directions; I simply exited the highway and kept looking up. Turning off the access road, I entered a business park. That’s not entirely unusual for a church. Many mega churches have found good regional locations in or adjacent to office parks.

It wasn’t until I approached the driveway that I realized that this tower has nothing to do with a church, or steeples, or worship. There’s no business sign here, just some small posts saying this is private property, keep out. Google doesn’t offer any business name, nor does the City of Schertz or the Guadalupe County website. So I can say that whoever built and owns this tower is doing something beyond our simple understanding, even if the tower wasn’t built for a higher power.


This tower stands anonymously near I-35 in Schertz, Texas

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