May 11, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

This afternoon, I met a man who saw Jesus and was willing to share his story with me.

Driving from Seguin to Universal City, I decided to follow the grey path on my GPS, the one that takes a bit longer and has more local roads. Within minutes, I passed a sign in front of a trim house telling me that Jesus is coming soon. I thought this might be the location of a house church, or perhaps yard with religious iconography all around. Either would be worth examining, so I made a u-turn the check the place out. I pulled up to the front gate just as Abe was coming out to get his mail.


Abe was happy to visit and answer my questions. No, the house is his home, not a church. He does pastor a church, Mission Christiana Church, but that’s down the road, in town. There is a story behind the sign. Here’s what Abe told me as best as I can recall:

“I used to be a trucker,” he said. “That was a long time ago, I’m 82 now. It was in the 60’s, was the year they landed on the moon, what was that, 1968?” (It was 1969).

“Well it was up North, around Taylor, or Tyler, whichever one it was and I got my hotel room that night. Now when I go to bed, I keep it completely dark, I like it completely dark. As I was going to bed, I prayed. I prayed only one thing. I said, ‘Jesus, I want to see you.’”

“Now usually I sleep with my face on the pillow but this night I slept on my back. And it was completely dark but then I woke up. The light was all above me, bright and shining all around. And I looked up and there He was, no more than 20 feet away. No farther than that third pole just down the street there.” (It looked farther than 20 feet to me, more like 100 feet, but I didn’t interrupt).

“ And Jesus was there, above me. I saw him and Jesus said to me: ‘I am coming.’ So when I got home, I put the sign up in the front yard.”


I told Abe that his story was amazing. I thanked him for offering to share it. He explained that the highway used to be the main road to New Braunfels, so they used to get lots of traffic and lots more people saw the sign. I noted that there still were lots of people who saw it driving by.


Abe had no problem with me taking pictures, including this one of himself in front of the sign. He waved at me as he took his mail and started beck towards the house. “I’ve got to get a new sign soon,” he said over his shoulder. “This is the third or forth one since I first put it up.”

I waved back, “it still looks pretty good, and it’s still doing its job!”

1005 W. New Braunfels St., Seguin, Texas

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