April 03, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

I’ve blogged in the past about the reuse of shuttered churches. A new installation in Spain has transformed a long abandoned church building into a skateboarders paradise. Several design websites including Gessato and Colossal note the recent opening of this unique place. Skateboard enthusiasts discovered the crumbling church of Santa Barbara in Llanera originally built in 1912 but left empty for many decades. Calling themselves the Church Brigade, the group and raised both money and awareness.  With support from Red Bull, they proceeded to makeover the space into a skatepark. The group recruited recognized street artist, Okuda San Miguel, to make something creative on the inside walls.


Renamed Kaos Temple, youthful participants now take air in front of stained glass windows as they navigate the half-pipe track along what was the nave of the church. The whole space is a blaze of color with every surface covered in San Miguel’s signature geometric shapes and characters. The artist embraced the challenge saying “It’s like my personal Sistine Chapel.”

Adaptive Re-use