February 12, 2011 by: Ben Heimsath

Travis David "T.D." Burnett Suddenly Sacred Memorial

5800 W Slaughter Lane, Austin, Texas 

 Suddenly Sacred Marks the Median

A busy street.  A median cut for accessing a shopping center. 

This is the place for a Suddenly Sacred memorial.


Suddenly Sacred memorial next to traffic                                                           Suddenly Sacred Plaque at base of cross

The cross and flowers are artfully placed.  We see, however, this isn't meant to be temporary.  The cross is planted in a concrete base. A bronze plaque names the site in memory of T.D. Burnett.  Grieving family and friends wish to share with anyone who will notice.  And someone placed a personal memento, a chord or necklace around the base of the cross.

Suddenly Sacred TD Burnett Plaque

December 22, 2001. An wrenching tragedy just before Christmas.

Suddenly Sacred/ Memorial