November 07, 2011 by: Ben Heimsath

mobile chapel with trucks resized 600

Somewhere along I-10 between West Texas and Arizona we came across this mobile chapel, a true truck-stop church.  I was impressed with this resourceful solution, though I wondered just how worshipful it would feel inside a big rig.  Sadly, it was late and the door was locked.  But I did get a few ideas about what could be done to make something creative in such a constricted space.  I hope someday I'll get the chance!

mobile chapel   big bumper sticker resized 600I certainly give credit for the concept of this mobile church.  What better way to serve a mobile population than with a truck made for worship?  The large lettering and simple image indicates this rig is hauling for Church, just as other 18-wheelers are hauling for Walmart or KFC.  On the back, there's no warning to keep your distance, report bad driving etc.  Anyone who follows is offered a Bible verse.

There are several organizations who operate these mobile chapels.  Transport for Christ is one of the largest, ministering to truckers in various US states and Canada.  This isn't one of their facilities, but a look through their website offers a good idea of how these places operate.

So many times we've heard the call to "come to Jesus," but this one seems to say, "Jesus is coming to you!"

mobile chapel view to station resized 600


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