February 27, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

At some point in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s, someone or some group had a prescient vision for adding to an established church. Instead of using hallways to connect new offices, classrooms, and a fellowship hall to the existing sanctuary, the decision was made to create a large central gathering place. That space is at the center of today’s Cameron Road Church of Christ. The space is framed with hefty wood beams. Light streams in from high windows at either end of the circulation space.


The church still benefits from this useful place. The pastor was very generous with his time on a recent morning. I toured the facility and saw a space that is largely unchanged since it was built over four decades earlier. The pastor explained how the space still serves its function. “All kinds of things take place here,” he told me. “During the week, some of our members meet here just because it is so welcome.”


The outside vision, however, wasn’t quite so welcome. From the exterior, everything about the interior gathering is hidden. The church shares a parking lot with several large office buildings. The covered drop off is the main church entry, but at first glance, it could be simply a covered commercial building.


Many contemporary churches build large spaces for gathering, and they make sure everyone can see them from the outside. But looking at this interior, the architect was clearly ahead of his or her time. I’m sad to report that the pastor wasn’t able to find that architect’s name.

Cameron Road Church of Christ, 6014 Cameron Road, Austin, TX 78723

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