December 31, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

When I took up the 365 Challenge, I began with few expectations. My goal was simply to take in what was around me. In the course of the year, that simple goal has been more than achieved. The need to meet a daily deadline has forced me to engage more fully in the wonderment around me. I’m more aware of the remarkably creative ways people of all faiths, and of no faith, find amazing ways to represent the spiritual.

Til Death do Us Part.jpg

Street Artist Fe De Rico's Wall Mural in East Austin.

So I’ll continue the review of the year’s images that I started in yesterday’s post.  These images are in no particular order or priority, rather, they are a sampling of the many places and objects I've been recording this year.  In sharing these details, which come from many sources, I think I prove my point!

Vemana Austin Hindu Temple.jpgRooftop Vemana at Austin Hindu Temple.

 Sunrise Church pulpit.jpg

Artist's Pulpit at Austin's Sunrise Community Church.

Prince of Peace Art Glass Rail.jpg

Etched Glass panels at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Hyde Park Presbyterian.jpg

Looking throught the window at Hyde Park Presbyterian Church.

Our Lady of Guadalupe at Sta Julia.jpg

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine at Saint Julia's Catholic Church in East Austin.

Austin 517 Mailbox.jpg

Mailbox handle for Austin517 Church in South Austin.

Soul on the Go.jpg

Soul on the Go Food Truck on Airport Blvd. in East Austin.

Ukranian Catholic National Shrine.jpg

Ukranian Catholic National Shrine, Washington, D.C.