March 20, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

A second memorial on Bay Area Boulevard stands out. It’s only a few blocks from the 2016 memorial for Joseph Lesky that I wrote about recently.   Set on the median under a canopy of tall trees, this memorial is a fixed wooden cross decorated with a wreath and the word “Faith.” A metal plaque at the center is faded but the lettering is still decipherable. “In Loving Memory of Chris Crawford.”


The lettering on the metal plaque is etched, otherwise the rest of the faded text may have been obliterated by weathering. “Born - June 19, 1970, Died - Dec. 3, 1993, You will live in our hearts forever.” Several attempts to locate information about this person or event proved fruitless. In the days before the internet, a post for an event like this would have to come from a local news archive. From what I can tell, media outlets in the Clear Lake area may not have been uploaded yet to the internet.


The story has to be gleaned from the limited on site information. It is clear that this place was the scene of a vehicle accident that happened over two decades ago. Chris Crawford, a young man in his twenties lost his life. Family or friends anchored a solid wood cross and continue to paint it white. The wreath and cut-out letters spelling “Faith” are a bit faded. They most likely have been on site for at least a month or two. And the etched plaque, though faded, offers a hint of the story to anyone who takes the time to stop and notice. Just watch out for the fire ant mound at the base of the cross.


Bay Area Boulevard near the intersection of University Park Drive, Clear Lake, Texas.

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