December 01, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

It’s after Thanksgiving, so we can expect more and more decorations in the next few days and weeks before Christmas. Our local memorial is already preparing for the season. I’ve been recording this suddenly sacred site where family members regularly tend to the two crosses. At this location, over ten years ago, two young cousins, Erica Vasquez, and Elias Sanchez were killed by a drunk driver.

 Erica and Elias Memorial.jpg

So the decorations are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Until recently, the site was over run with political signs, but after this weekend, the cleanup reestablished the park-like setting with a mowed lawn and trimmed bushes. Christmas blessings to you, Erica and Elias and to your loving family! Erica and Elias Memorial for Christmas.jpg

The Erica and Elias memorial is located at the intersection of Airport Blvd and MLK, Austin, Texas

Holy Place/ Suddenly Sacred/ Memorial