January 03, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Church-a-Day-east-austin-church-for-sale.jpgIt can’t be easy to sell a church. If another congregation can use the building, the best option seems to be a sale to another church. But there aren’t a great number of churches looking to buy. And many church properties have limitations that make them less desirable, like limited access or parking. So a non-church user is often the targeted buyer, and that means the church building will either be adapted to a secular use, or it will be torn down.

I’ve blogged in the past on what to do with a decommissioned church, so I’m on the lookout for any realtor’s signs in front of a current or former church structure. This one showed up pretty close to home, it is right around the corner from my wif

e’s school. I don’t know much about this congregation, other than I’ve noticed this distinctive building for its unusual materials and the distinctive archway and second-floor main entry. With some quick searches, I can’t find out anything at all about this congregation. Perhaps someone has some better information.

From the exterior, at least, this building, located on the 2300 block of E Cesar Chavez appears to be pretty solid. How adaptable it might be will depend a lot on the interior arrangement and its condition. The property is in the middle of a very active area. It’s across the street from the very popular restaurant, Juan in a Million.   Down the block is a successful art location, the Grey Duck Gallery. Does it stay or go? When is it ok to tear down a historic buidling?  For this church, like many older religious structures, it’s an open, unresolved question. 


Holy Place/ Worship Space/ Austin