January 20, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

ChurchaDay_St_John_Baptist_Assoc_Sign.jpgThe St. John Regular Baptist Association is a truly remarkable place is nearly hidden off a side street in East Austin. The sign at the street hardly prepares a visitor for the open site and imposing elevation. But the interior is the biggest surprise. This is large open auditorium was clearly designed to accommodate huge gatherings. It has the feel of a mega church auditorium, but it was built decades before mega churches existed. For several generations of Austinites, the St. John Regular Baptist Association has been the hub of their spiritual and social lives.


Rev. Daryl Horton wrote eloquently about his own memories growing up and attending the big gatherings on the St. John campus. The collection of local Baptist churches that still support the Association is impressive. Attending the IAct Thanksgiving service at the site, it was my prayer that this landmark would remain for future generations.


Holy Place/ Worship Space/ Austin