January 24, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

In years of working with church leaders, I find that many of them have a great sense of humor. That may not seem obvious to those who grew up with Saturday Night Live and Dana Carvey’s character, the dour and judgmental Church Lady. For real church people, however, laughter can be an important part of ministry, at the very least, it can help reduce stress. I note one area where churches often show their lighter side: church signs. There’s plenty of documentation of witty (and sometimes witless) phrases on church message boards, but I’m starting to collect the signs posted behind the scenes that also show some pretty creative humor.

 This sign is at the top of a pull-down stair. A normal “low clearance,” or “caution,” sign just wouldn’t do. I doubt anyone has ever ignored this sign when they go to the attic space to service the air-conditioner. That someone came back to update the sign with a correction just adds to the fun.


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