January 04, 2017 by: Ben Heimsath

If there’s one thing I’ve observed, church folks are pretty resourceful. Faced with challenges or unusual issues, they improvise solutions and make things happen. And that often includes some very unique signs. I’ve blogged about this previously, but since then, I’ve found even better examples of creative church signs.

I’m sharing some of the best examples of signs I’ve come across in the past year. They come from all over. Some need no explanation, others need a bit of context to understand.  In some cases the sources are shared.  But in other cases, for the protection of the innocent, the source will remain anonymous! 


Bar Harbor Parking Church Sign.jpg

Parking in Bar Harbor, Maine is tough, so the sign had to say more than just "don't park here."  There was no one in the parking space when I took this photo, so maybe it works!


First Presbyterian Tallahassee Sign.jpg

Church members often leave signs to give special directions.  I understand tourists want to see the classical interior of First Presbyterian.  But the sign also suggests there are a lot of musicians visiting Tallahassee to play the organ.


Yes Ant Problem Church Sign.jpg

Save the Ants Church Sign.jpg

Church kitchens are a constant source for great church signs.  These two were priceless.  For all the effort, I do hope they finally got rid of the ants!


Feed the counters church sign.jpg

Some signs are left for the kitchen folks.  It would be easy to misread this instruction to leave food on the counters, so I'm glad they clarified that the food is for the counters - people who count the money.


Bar Sign Life Sucks.jpg

OK, so this isn't a church sign, it was in front of a bar in Boston.  Though the invitation may be the opposite of a church message, the the existential question of the struggles of life is referenced pretty effectively. 


Whomever enters the Church sign.jpg

The church message here is lovingly rendered in caligraphic script.  An inviting way to say: "Come in and pray!"

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