December 30, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

When I committed this year to a blog post every day I quickly realized that many early ideas or images might not make the cut. Some days offered a wealth of opportunities. I’d pick one topic with the thought of coming back later for another, though that didn’t always happen. At other times a good idea took a back seat to something more urgent. Writing about responses to tragic events I often found myself dropping a subject less time sensitive.

St John the Evangelist.jpg

Staint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, San Marcos, Texas

So today I offer a range of images from the first part of the year. I haven’t added or researched very much about these places, I merely offer them as further illustrations of the considerable range of worship spaces in Central Texas.

Kikapoo Ranch and Retreat Center.jpg

Kickapoo Ranch and Retreat Center, Hockley, Texas

Bell Tower Westover Baptist.jpg

Westover Baptist Church, San Marcos, Texas

Baptist Community Ctr.jpg

Baptist Community Center Mission East Austin, Texas

FUMC Belton.jpg

First United Methodist Church, Belton, Texas

Ridgetop Baptist Front Elevation.jpg

Ridgetop Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

St George's Episcopal.jpg

Saint George's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas

San Marcos recyled church.jpg

 The former Fort Street Presbyterian Church, now offices of Gomillion, Kester, Zimmerman Architects - San Marcos, Texas

Worship Spaces