January 30, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath


Driving early this morning in unfamiliar territory, the Chatfield United Methodist Church was so inviting I had to stop and check it out. The early sun turned the little white building into a glowing beacon. All the classic church elements were immediately evident. A steep pitched roof supported by the prominent front gable with the entry door centered under a lower pitched canopy. Gothic windows punctuate clapboard siding. Even the church bell is right up front. Though in this case, on a frame set on the ground.


This structure dates from the 1930’s. The church has a subject marker from the Texas Historic Commission. That indicates the importance of the congregation historically. The old church, however, has been compromised with the vinyl siding and would not be considered a historic landmark in its present condition. It appears from the Chatfield UMC Facebook page that much of the interior is intact. A serious effort to restore the exterior may be something this church would consider to establish the building as a historic landmark.


Chatfield United Methodist Church, 4937 FM 1603, Chatfield, Texas

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