February 21, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath


Cross_as_Yard_Art_Belton_House-1.jpgStopping in Belton to check out a church, I noticed crosses that may have been placed to convey messages to their neighbors.  I saw this cross in the yard directly across the street from a historic church. Now there’s nothing so unusual for a free-standing cross. However, I normally associate these symbols with evangelical Christians. The cross was opposite the First Methodist Church. I wonder whether this is an expression of friendly competition.


A few blocks away, I saw another cross placed as yard decoration. In this instance, the cross is fixed to an out building behind a residence. With a basketball goal in the yard, I guess there are younsters in the house.  The shed looks old, but the cross looks new. Now in this instance, the adjacent property isn’t another church, it’s a bar. I can only assume the owner put up this sign to send a message to the bar patrons.

Sacred Architecture