February 12, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a number of the descansos are getting decorated for the season. Hearts, balloons and red tinsel ornamentation will catch a driver’s eye, even at 50 mph. I’m pretty sure this suddenly sacred marker has been here for a while. Though I only noticed it this week when it got decked out for Valentine’s.


This highway shrine is located at Vargas and Ed Bluestein (Hwy 183) on the way to the Austin airport. I don’t know anything more about the person memorialized here, or the event that made this particular site sacred. It does make me want to add my voice to those of loved ones in wishing Henry Gil Lopez Valentine’s Day.Valentines_Descansos_Vargas_and_Ed_Bluestein.jpg



Suddenly Sacred/ Austin