February 26, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Earth_Angels_Pets_in_a_Converted_Church.jpgA pet store looking to expand several years ago found sanctuary in…..a sanctuary. Earth Angels Pet Supply in San Marcos, Texas moved into an old church building. They left the shape mostly unchanged but they did add a vibrant new paint scheme. They used red wall-sized letters to spell the word “PETS.” They kept the steeple, though the cross is removed. Even the church marquee at the street is reused for the business sign.

Baptistry_Becomes_a_Fish_Tank.jpgOn the interior, modest renovations kept most of the interior partitions. A visitor enters into a small foyer area and then walks around to the large retail space, once the church assembly room. The chancel platform is still in place and forms an upper display area. Steps lead up to the old baptistery which is converted creatively into a fish tank.

A staff member said the pet store moved to the present location about three years ago. She didn’t know which congregation built the building, or whether another non-church use preceded the pet store. The store’s Facebook page has a picture of the previous location. It indicates the name of the store, Earth Angels, came before the move. Maybe these little angels were destined to be housed in a former church.


 Earth Angels Pet Supply, 1254 Hopkins St, San Marcos, Texas 78666

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