April 22, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Everything about God’s Church is Old Church. This modest building drew my attention looking like it came from a bygone era. This isn’t a historic restoration, it’s an old building still in use much like it was in the era it was originally constructed. There’s no dedication marker, but from the construction and simple detailing, I can guess it was built sometime in the 1930’s or 1940’s. Since that time, it is likely that the biggest change in this building has been the addition of central air conditioning.


With some on-line searching, about the only current information I found was a series of video clips on the church’s Facebook page. In a small church, in a small town in Texas, this church really is a time capsule. I include a link at the end of this post with a note that the message may not sit well with everyone.


There’s several Praise and Worship clips of some fine music interspersed with longer clips of the pastor’s sermons. Pastor Green’s preaching starts very slow and very low. But within a few minutes, he gradually warms up. The cadence becomes repetitive and musical, with emotional peaks and valleys. The message is both biblical and personal. Pastor Green welcomes all races and makes a strong gesture to shame those who would exclude someone because of their color. He’s pointedly doesn’t extend the welcome to anyone who is LGBT, however. Inside and out, this really is Old Church.



God’s Church, 402 E. North Street, Victoria, Texas

Historic Preservation