February 29, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Hero_or_Heko_South_Austin_Memorial.jpgThis unusual display in South Austin caught my attention. It’s a fire hydrant decked out with a garland wreath. Was this a deliberate gesture? Or did someone toss a found object on a hydrant just to be silly? I pulled over to a side street to get a closer look.

Hero_or_Heko_South_Austin_Monument.jpgSilver hydrants are located every few blocks along Ditmar. This stretch of boulevard is lined with well-clipped grass and uniform fences so the hydrants are pretty noticeable. A simple wreath might be hard to see in other areas, but as I approached this mid-block location, it was clear this was marked as a special place.  

On the top of the hydrant is one word, written in the hand of a graffiti artist: “Heko.” Or maybe the lettering is not quite discernable and it actually spells “Hero.” I made a number of searches to see whether some fire or tragedy had taken place nearby. Nothing specific to the area came up. Nor did any reference to Heko. Someone had a reason to make this hydrant into a monument. I’d really like to know why.


Hydrant is located near the intersection of Ditmar Rd and Latteridge Dr, Austin, Texas.

Sacred Architecture/ Austin