May 13, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Take a good look at the House of Faith and it doesn’t seem to be all that inspiring. From the jumble of details it appears that this building has been adapted and renovated a number of times. Gaps along the side elevation suggest the entry façade is covering what was once the porch of a house. When the wall was filled in, the front door was placed off center and one dormer window was lapped over another. Notice the remainder of an older wall on the right, above the brick half-wall. It appears to be left in place so as not to disturb the electrical panels. The two poles in front are all that remains from a previous covered entry. There’s just enough roughness in the paint above to show where the roof used to be.


For a small, older church in East Austin, it’s not surprising that I didn’t find a House of Faith website. But what I did find made me look closer at the photos. This church, apparently, is pretty adaptable. This year, already, they’ve been the site for a Christian hip-hop concert, a contemporary dance recital, and a forum with families of young men killed by police. The congregation is listed on the International Fellowship of Covenant Churches & Ministies (IFCCM) website as the location for a gathering in June.


So the House of Faith may not have a polished look, but all those makeshift details show that someone, or some group, has been adapting and making things work for a very long time. Two details show that some things in this church are well put together. On the side of each door, the wood squares with raised crosses are nice hand-crafted emblems. These artistic additions are also adaptable, since they probably serve as doorstops too.


House of Faith, 1709 E M Franklin Ave, Austin, Texas

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