February 17, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

This church on the outside is everything you would expect from a neighborhood Bible church. The composition pairs a modest pitch-roof structure with an unadorned steeple. The materials are humble, the craftsmanship indicative of volunteer carpentry. On-line, the church describes its ministry in the same down to earth fashion:

“South Austin Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, family-oriented church. It is a church that preaches and teaches the old-time religion, sings the old-fashioned hymns of the faith, and uses only the King James Bible….”


The website describes many changes and transitions since the South Austin Baptist Church started in a washateria in 1957. The congregation has worshipped at five different locations in South Austin and changed its name twice.


Facilities may change, but their theological message doesn’t. The roadside sign tells it like it is: “Come Follow The Old Paths With Us.”  

South Austin Bible Church, 8210 South First St., Austin, TX  78748

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