March 05, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Joseph_Lesky_Tree_Memorial_in_Clear_Lake-1.jpgBeside a gradual curve along a stretch of Bay Area Boulevard, a tree with flowers stands out. This memorial hadn’t been in place when we were visiting several weeks ago. There wasn’t much traffic, so I pulled into the Boeing parking lot across the street to take a closer look.

Joseph_Lesky_Tree_Memorial.jpgFlowers have been fixed to the face of the tree trunk. The page above with photos offers a simple phrase, a name, and dates, but that’s all that's needed to get the story. "In Loving Memory of Joseph C. Lesky, 12.19.96 - 2.15.16." The Galveston County Daily News confirms this is the site of a tragedy. A post several days after the event notes Joseph Charlew Lesky, age 19, passed away at Clear Lake Regional Hospital on February 15.

The cause of death wasn’t given in the obituary, but the tree memorial provides some stark evidence. The bark around the base is almost completely scraped off on one side. Noting that the marks are still fresh, this looks like the point of impact for the automobile. From what I could see, the cause of death was a one-car accident, where for whatever reason, the vehicle failed to navigate a broad turn in the road.  Exept for sounds from passing cars, this place on the traffic island feels so peaceful.  Filtered light through the canopy of trees offers a beautiful setting for the memorial.


3700 Block of Bay Area Boulevard, Clear Lake, Houston, Texas


UPDATE:  I revisited the site on April 23 and posted my updated observations.  Visit the new post here.

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