March 03, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

A long stretch of William Cannon Drive is fronted on both sides by dense trees and undeveloped fields. On the south side is a nature center, on the north, a conservation district. Along the open fields is a lone sign for the Jubilee Christian Center marking a single driveway that weaves its way up a hillside.


I’ve looked up the hill a number of times, but have never seen the church building. So last week, I decided to go in and take a look. Cresting the hilltop, the church building is at the back corner of the parking lot. It’s a basic stucco structure. The larger volume indicates worship space on the interior. A two-story wing off the side certainly houses the offices and classrooms. No one was at the property when I stopped by so I didn’t get to look inside.


I was interested to see how the architects designed this building in response to the dramatic views and proximity to acres and acres of nature center trees. Somehow, when this church was built, neither seems to have been very important. Except for views from some corner classrooms on the second floor, the building looks pretty isolated from the natural elements. By appearances, this structure was built some time in the 1990’s when many churches were designing black box worship environments. These days, in our practice, we’re finding ministries increasingly aware of the connection between spirituality and nature. Perhaps an update can help Jubilee make the connection with the really great outdoors, including this view from the parking lot.


Jubilee Christian Center, 2909 W. William Cannon Dr.
Austin, TX  78745

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