December 25, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I noted the origin of the Nativity scene can be traced directly to St. Francis of Assisi. From the first live reenactment the tradition quickly moved to stage sets in churches. Soon, people placed scenes inside their own homes. The image of the Holy Family has become integral to the Christmas celebration, especially in Italy and Germany, where many Yuletide traditions in America have their source.

Joy Creche.jpg 

The image of the Holy Family in the manger is so common, it is easy to overlook the many ways people choose to include these in their Christmas decorations, including lawn ornaments. Here’s just a sampling from the neighborhood in Clear Lake, Texas where we’ve been visiting family.

 Traditional figures in Wood Shed.jpg

Silhouette creche.jpg

Inflatable Nativity.jpg

Wooden Holy Family.jpg

neighborhood manager scene.jpg

neighborhood Holy Family scene.jpg

Nativity cutouts.jpg

Nativity statuary.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone!

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