January 28, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Nueva Vision has a few embellishments beyond the sign with its name to signal it is a church. The sign also says it’s a church, Iglesia. Then there’s a three cross motif added for good measure. The building is otherwise unadorned. The simple pitch roof form, vertical siding, and the location on a small corner lot would indicate the structure is a converted residence. With the center placement of the sign and double doors, this is clearly now a church but one with only the basics, a no-nonsense composition.


The Pentecostal theology would suggest the structure is merely a setting for the assembly to hear the word, interact with music, and focus on the preaching. A quick scan of the church’s Facebook video page shows just that - fiery preaching, guitar playing, pageantry and singing. These videos show an interior as simple and basic as the outside. A platform in front for the ministry and musicians, the congregation seating in rows of chairs with a center aisle.


A neighborhood church of this kind stands out by providing just the basics, a place for a congregation to assemble through the front doors, processing in under the church sign.

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