March 06, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

Many faith traditions use the term “narthex,” for an entry space connected to a church or sanctuary. St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church just recently built a very successful narthex that connects to the church, classrooms and the fellowship hall. And it is completely open air, thanks to one very big fan.


The structure above this gathering space is solidly built with wooden arches and exposed wood decking. At some point, plans may call for enclosing this space. But in the mean time, the fan really works as an innovative update on an old technology.


We visited in December on a very warm evening and we were pleased that the fan was on. In the Houston area, the outdoors on hot summer days isn’t comfortable. The fan in this space will certainly make this space better as a place for gathering and preparing for worship.

St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church, 3131 El Dorado Blvd., Houston, TX 77059

For more about the narthex, click on the button below to download an extended discussion on its importance and role in gathering people together and preparing them for worship: 

The Narthex: Why is it Important?

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