April 05, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath


Driving along highway 290, south of Austin, the sign “Pieous Pizza,” grabs attention. This could be in league with other Bible Belt signs and messages quoting God. But the red building with a gravel parking lot looks more like a bbq place. The porch front and homey door feel more like a beer joint than a church!


Step inside and this place is simply a temple to good food. The bright open interior has a hint of hipster trendiness, but also has the feel of a popular country eatery. It’s both. The pizza is high-end gourmet but it’s served in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. So what’s with the name? Are these guys super religious or are they trying to tweak the super-religious?  Chalk art covering the walls offers a pretty good clue and a quote from the Book of Josh.




Pieous Pizza, 12005 W Hwy 290, Austin, Texas 78737