April 08, 2016 by: Ben Heimsath

True_Hope_Building_Jumble.jpgThis may be the most unlikely collection of structures to serve as a church. The drive-up booth and portable structure have been at this location for years. Every time I drive by, this jumble of buildings is locked up and empty. There must be lunch patrons that help generate some income, but I’ve never seen anyone here during the morning or evening commute. These structures can’t support a very large congregation, but considering the number of years they have remained here in this condition, it must be pretty loyal and determined bunch.  

 True_Hope_Booth.jpg  True_Hope_Entry_Door.jpg

But it is the signs that generate the most attention. The paired signs have become neighborhood icons, appearing at least a few times in photo exhibits. The motto is certainly direct: “Ready of Not Jesus is Coming.” A recent addition to the place, the food truck stands out for being so new. If you are going to get ready, you may wish for some SOUL on the Go.



True Hope Pentecostal Church, 1198 Airport Blvd, Austin, Texas 78702